Sandrift Rug by Armadillo&Co

Sandrift Rug by Armadillo&Co

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Like a soft breeze over desert sands, the Sandrift Rug by Armadillo&Co depicts a design of thin wavering lines, with a rhythmic simplicity and subdued beauty.

This rug is part of the Designer Collection. The Designer Collection range allows you to choose your own colours, so we can create a rug that is perfect for your space. Our team can assist you with colour choice and design.

Material NZ Wool

Dimensions Your choice. Priced per meter this rug is hand made to order in India.

Note Please note that colour swatches are indicative only. It is always best to visit our showroom to see and feel the rug samples on display.

Availability As these rugs are hand made to your specifications, orders will take 10-12 weeks to arrive from India.

Delivery The price for this item will not include delivery, but this will be calculated by our team once an order is placed. Free local pick-up also available.

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