PROJECT 82 + roze.

We love collaborating with locals, and that's what PROJECT 82 + is all about!

Each quarter of 2018, we will be collaborating with an unstoppable local force, showcasing their work in our dynamic, industrial showroom. Throughout June and July, we're teaming up with local artist, interior designer and stylist ROZE to exhibit her new collection Imperfections.

Alongside the exhibition, Roze has styled two scenes in our showroom - curating her favourite Project 82 pieces that speak in dialogue with her artworks. Her minimal, soulful works play off the structured, masculine and simple aesthetic of Project 82, and together they just sing. 

Imperfections is a beautiful exploration of our natural selves. Freeform, fluid and calm - this series is a gentle reminder to slow down, and embrace our quirks. Each work by Roze is an original artwork; unique and one-of-a-kind. Roze uses charcoal as an essential element of this series, saying;


"I can never draw a perfect line with charcoal. It's hard to control, it's natural and every piece has a different texture and different grain…that's the beauty of charcoal."


We sat down with Roze to chat about what inspired such a moving collection. 

Roze: We spend most of our lives searching for perfection. We always strive for more, It’s human nature but how far do we take it? Our desire for perfection and success can get out of control. We miss out on what matters the most, looking for something that has no end. 
I have been drawing and illustrating since I was a child. They always looked perfect...perfect portraits, perfect landscapes...but I stopped doing my favourite hobby a few years ago because I no longer had time to spend on what was actually so important to me and enjoyed doing. I was working hard to have a perfect life or to be a perfect individual.
There was a day where I came home from work, sat down and felt so lost. I was stressed, exhausted and burnt out. I missed myself, the happy girl that enjoyed life the way it was and was happy with what she had. I looked around, found a piece of paper and started drawing. I tried not to control my hand and let my heart lead instead of my brain. What I drew looked nothing like what I used to draw and was so genuine. It looked perfectly imperfect. It calmed me down and I felt a connection to my soul. I finally accepted not everything had to be perfect, not everything had to follow the rules. I found beauty in the minimal imperfect lines and shapes and that changed my perspective. Imperfection series is not just a collection of artwork, but also a message to remind people that it’s ok to be imperfect, it’s ok to be different, it’s ok to be flawed, it’s ok to take life easy and enjoy it– every moment of it! There is beauty in everything, we just need to change your perspective.


We are so excited to be launching Imperfections, and cannot wait to see what Roze creates next. 


Shelley and Roze on the Louis sofa, with IMPRFCT01 hanging above.