our story.

At Project 82 we produce beautifully hand-crafted sofas and furniture with a focus on locally made.


Our business was established by Shelley Mason in 2010 as a boutique furniture retailer servicing the locals of Surry Hills in Sydney. In the years since, we have been hard at work designing and producing our own original collections with a focus on locally made. We’ve recently simplified and refreshed our offering, which alongside our own 3 collections now includes a small curated selection of complimentary Australian brands.

We are currently focusing on expanding our Staple&Co collection, introducing exciting new collaborations with emerging Australian designers and makers. This range celebrates the simplicity and relaxed beauty of Australian design whilst supporting the best local talent.

Our Design Kiosk and The Sofa Maker collections showcase an accessible selection products inspired by the current design climate. These collections suit a range of lifestyles, and make great design accessible. All 3 collections are a great Illustration of the Project 82 values; simple details, natural materials and quality craftsmanship.


There is nothing like locally made. That's why we love it.