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We love collaborating with emerging designers and makers to produce locally made, thoughtful and versatile pieces.



Cameron of Other Works

Sydney based Australian/New Zealand designer Cameron of Other Works studio is responsible for some of Project 82's most loved sofas. His aesthetic aligns perfectly with ours, as he is all about unpretentious, accessible design that is functional and innately beautiful.

Cameron's collection for Project 82

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Chris & Megan of cm studio

Award winning architects and designers Chris Glanville and Megan Burns create stunning work. Whether architecture, interiors or product design, these two produce contemporary, livable spaces with a fresh Australian perspsective. Our collaboration with Chris & Megan 'cmstudioXproject82' has had a great response, their Louis becoming an icon of Project 82.

cm studio's collection for Project 82

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Tom Fereday

Quickly becoming one of Australia's most recognisable names in product design, Tom Fereday has swept through the industry making an immediate and lasting impression. His work illustrates a characteristic thoughtfulness towards honest materiality and natural form, and the Tatami sofa he designed for us is no exception.

Tom Fereday's sofa for Project 82

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Our neighbour Jonathan West designs stunning, minimal pieces with lasting spirit. He utilises a warm, natural palette and takes pleasure in simplicity. J.W handcrafts each component in his inner west workshop that sits next door to our showroom.


J.W's Ash bench for Project 82

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