project 82 + danielleX

The very first instalment of Project 82 +, a quarterly collaboration between Project 82 and an unstoppable local creative force.

1. Our Louis sofa, Cleveland coffee table and Petunia rug with NO ORDINARY by Danielle hanging above. 2. Shelley and Dani, featuring the Cargo chair and IMPOSSIBLY YOURS leaner.


project 82 + daniellex

We love collaborating with locals, and that's what PROJECT 82 + is all about.

Each quarter of 2018, we will be collaborating with an unstoppable local force, showcasing their work in our dynamic, industrial showroom.

Always focused on local design and production, it seemed fitting our first Project 82 + partner be Sydney-based artist DANIELLEX. DANIELLEX’s new limited edition abstract floral photography collection ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ is currently showing in our St Peters showroom and available online through to March 29.

“In 2018, we are thrilled to be welcoming four local creatives into our St Peters showroom space to help us create a little bit of design magic,” said Shelley Mason, director Project 82. “DANIELLEX is our very first guest, turning our space into a sea of abstract floral photographs for the months of February and March. Her raw and beautiful prints look so striking against the backdrop of showroom.”

‘Where the Wild Things Are’ is a collection of 10 limited edition abstract floral photography prints. The artworks themselves take on a deeper meaning, both in the floral structure and its symbolism.



1. Our Sandy Bed with HOLD TIGHT hung above. 2. Our Charlie sofa with leaner of IMPOSSIBLY YOURS. 3. Our Louis sofa with NO ORDINARY hung above.



 “I was seduced by the subject matter,” says DANIELLEX. “The raw, stripped bare, mythical, primal strength of the flowers juxtaposed with their delicate and fragile qualities. It’s a collection, a symbolic visual journey of connection, healing and rebuilding. Seeing the magic in the everyday moments. The composition and design of the artworks, pulled apart and rebuilt through colour, composition, contrast, shape and depth.” 

Come and see for yourself.  ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ is now open for viewing during Project 82 showroom hours, from Friday 8 February through Thursday 29 March 2018.

Each artwork is printed on 310 gsm cotton rag thick archival paper using 12 colour pigment ink set, uniquely numbered and embossed with a signature ‘X’. Limited editions of 20 only.



All artworks by DanielleX

Photography by Pablo Viega


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