staple&co stories: jovi

Our very own Jovi from Project 82 talks style and her Hawley sofa below.

Her sofa: Hawley 2000 / Dakota Leather Col: Cognac

"I fell in love with it before I knew what it was" 


Why did you choose the Hawley?

I used to live in Camden in London and the Hawley Arms was quite the local haunt. I fell in love with the sofa initially, then found out its name and it was kind of a sign! I find the design simple yet not understated, and the depth, simplicity and width just works with my lifestyle. 

What do you love about it?

The Hawley demands attention without forcefully expecting it, which made me curious and my interest was caught. It won’t automatically grab your attention, but it's all about the detail and that’s quite sexy. 

Apart from the Hawley what’s your favourite piece in the house / office and why?

Shelley, because she laughs at my jokes. 

If you could hang any painting from any era on your wall, what would it be and why?

Oooh, what a good question! It would have to be a Francis Bacon. There is something so heart-wrenching about his work – every piece just throws you immediately into his mindset at the time and always gives me goosebumps. It's so manic yet deathly still. 

Are you more of a minimalist or maximalist?

Tough. My character is definitely maximalist, however, my taste is minimalist.

Who’s your favourite living Australian artist?

Right now, Lister.

Whose interior style do you admire?

Kelly Wearstler springs to mind immediately. Her understanding in matching grains, textures, visuals and colours is honestly incredible. There is no one else who can do that. She stands alone, and that’s a leader in my book. 

The latest film you’ve seen?

Inherent Vice. Lots of dialogue and quite the encompassing story. I would recommend watching it alone as every single word is linked to another, and if you miss one word, the entire movie fails. It was tough.

Describe your perfect Sunday / weekend?

Morning swim; rainy weather; gorgeous coffee; lie-in; some loving; laughing; painting; a flawless movie; incredible red wine; impeccable dinner. No mosquitos. 

Name your most memorable holiday 

Backpacking around Europe when I was 21 for a year with a close mate. Very bright-eyed with an open mind. 

Guests are over for dinner. What’s on the menu?

For lots of people, spaghetti bolognaise as it never fails. If it's an intimate occasion, I switch into Heston mode and invent whatever my heart is telling me too. That’s usually an indication of how much I like my private guest. 

Favourite café / restaurant? 

485 in Surry Hills is a bit of an all-rounder. 100% for the staff, food, vibe, price. An overall winner.

What’s your go-to interiors blog / website?

I’m not a big advocate for blogs and trend chasing, so I don’t follow blogs. However, I am on the mailing list for Designboom & Trendir, a global selection of architecture, interiors and product that's second to none. 

Shelley Mason