the benefits of pigmenting leather

Leather is skin: it’s natural, living. Leather marks, stains, burns, stretches and warps.

Pigmenting leather- colouring the hide- is a means to conceal the natural blemishes in the skin to create an even, perfected appearance. Pigmenting leather gives the sofa greater durability; allowing for it to last longer, wear better and resist the effects of fading and water damage. Note: be careful positioning your sofa in the sun. Just like human skin, leather burns and ages under harsh sunlight, so try and keep it somewhere shaded to ensure the suppleness and longevity of the hide.

Have a look through our leather selections for The Sofa Maker’s Tidy Fred.

Staple and Co. sofas can literally be covered in any leather of your choosing. So really, the choices in pigment circle around the colour wheel and extend as far as your own imagination.

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