ricci bloch unifies function and style

ricci bloch unifies function and style

Nobody likes sitting in a waiting room - but we would happily spend a long afternoon in Ricci Bloch's Coastal Neurosurgery.

Project 82 custom Lennon sofas specified by Ricci Bloch, with a shallower depth and higher back to accommodate those with spinal injury, impaired mobility, the elderly (and those of us who need to keep our backs straight!).


It's definitely one of the worst things about visiting a specialist. Sitting in those outdated waiting rooms, flicking through trashy magazines, legs itchy from the rough fabric of the seat beneath your legs, posters hanging askew on the wall.

This Coastal Neurosurgery in Gosford, designed by Ricci Bloch is the antithesis of this dreaded scene. Her Neurosurgery oozes calm, comfort and style. Not only is the space soothing, but Ricci designed the space considering the patients, ensuring suitability for those with with spinal injuries and impaired mobility. We hate to recite cliches, but form follows function as a principle is so decidedly distinct in this stunning project, that you gotta think that Louis Sullivan was onto something.

For this project, Ricci Bloch specified two custom Lennon sofas from Project 82. Taking the Lennon's design and adapting it, we built it with a shallower depth and a higher back. Upholstered in a sturdy tan vinyl, these sofas exude warmth and sophistication, speaking to the rich timbers and soft tones within the space. Our curvy Mabel side tables and the Ivy Muse plant stand's fine powdercoated frame give lightness and a contemporary edge, alongside vibrant and playful artworks by Leila Jeffreys, Tom Polo, Sally Anderson, Stephen Ormandy, Kerry Armstrong and Elie Malin.

Ricci clearly illustrates that you shouldn't have to sacrifice great style for appropriate functionality. Choosing locally made, and working with our design team, modifying our designs meant Ricci could get the perfect fit. That is the beauty of custom made.

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Photography by Katherine Lu

Build by Mobius Build