current fabric obsession: dune

current fabric obsession: dune

100% cotton, relaxed and simple - we've pretty obsessed with covering our sofas in DUNE.

DUNE is our new obsession. 100% cotton, machine washable and available in a range of subdued tones - we love. We have covered three showroom pieces in the DUNE in the past year, the Louis, Tatami and Sandy, and we can't get enough!

We all spend a lot of time on sofas. Whether cuddling up with tea and a book, lazing around watching Netflix, turning it into a guest bed or simply sitting down to tie up our shoe - our skin makes contact with the upholstery a lot. Because of this - it is important to choose a fabric that feels good on our skin, something that breathes in the heat while keeping you cosy at night.

Natural fibres are great for this - cheaper engineered fibres, like polyester, don't have much breathability, meaning your legs can get sweaty when sitting on a sofa in the heat.

DUNE has a washed, almost marbled appearance, the gentle quality of the dye allowing it to match with many interior styles. Cotton softens over time, so this fabric gets even more comfortable and relaxed the longer it lives.

We all worry about spills and stains - and who are we kidding - it's not like we're going to stop eating snacks on the sofa. The great thing about our new favourite DUNE is that is is machine washable. We would also recommend getting the sofa scotchgarded for that little bit of extra protection, so you can drink your wine in peace!

Photography by Pablo Veiga.