welcome back, old friend!

welcome back, old friend!

Two much loved Walter sofas are coming back to Project 82, after being the centrepiece of a modern office space for 4 years. In 2014, Dean at O'Hara Partners bought two dramatic 2800mm Walter sofas in a vintage, masculine style leather. Now in 2018, O'Hara partners is moving into a new space and simply do not have the open space they used to. So, we are welcoming these Walters back to Project 82, to find them a happy new home, and to start their next chapter.

You can see all the details to purchase the Walters here.

Below is the original story we did on Dean and his Walters - which appeared as part of our series Staple&Co stories, where we sat down to see how the sofas were settling in.


Staple&Co stories: Dean @ O'Hara Partners

Their sofas: 2 x Walter 2800 /NSW Leather, Laguna Col: Oak


"We love that clients immediately unwind on them and that makes all our conversations better"


How would you describe your interior style?

All the team in the office had worked under florescent light and pretty ‘standard’ office surrounds for decades. We think our clients appreciate a style that’s a little bit more intimate and a little more relaxed. It speaks to the ethos of the firm and our ambitions also. I hope it’s considered relaxed while being quite refined at the same time.

Why did you choose the Walter?

We wanted a substitute for formal meeting room with our clients. We knew we wanted something modern but given our ‘Walter’ is quite large (and we have 2 of them) we wanted them to be in leather and not overpower the rest of our office space. It’s a perfect match I think.

What do you love about it?

We love that clients immediately unwind on them and that makes all our conversations better. Some clients I suspect have stayed a little longer because of them … that’s (mostly) a good thing !

How long have you had it for?

We started with Walter – I suspect he’s staying for a while yet

Apart from the Walter, what’s your favourite piece in the house / office and why? We love our space – mostly we love the high ceilings and the windows

If you could hang any painting from any era on your wall, what would it be and why?

Impossible! So many greats … I’d need a bigger wall (and a bigger bank account)

Are you more of a minimalist or maximalist?

I used to be more minimal but that’s the thing with getting a little older, I seem to have more memento’s these days of people and places. We keep a wall of ‘bits and pieces’ in the office for the same reason. Things we found, crazy drawings or concert tickets anything we’ve gone a little nuts over. Everyone adds to it.

Who’s your favourite living Australian artist?

Imants Tillers. For 10yrs I’ve been trying to work out how I get one of his paintings on my walls !

Matisse or Picasso?


France or Italy?

Italian Coffee – French Food. I once crossed the Italian border on a train and got off at the first station just to get a coffee !

Whose interior style do you admire?

This is the part where Project 82 come in…

The last book you read?

‘Not my father’s Son’ by Alan Cummings & A biography of Henri Cartier-Bresson. I tend to have a few books ‘on the go’ at once mostly on vastly different topics.

The latest film you’ve seen?

Wreck it Ralph (…my kids now own my television apparently)

Describe your perfect Sunday / weekend


Name your most memorable holiday

We spent some time in Los Angeles a few years back hanging out in West Hollywood which involved one of life’s great luxuries – several long lunches. That didn’t suck.

Dream holiday destination?

Anywhere with water generally. A good beach holiday is hard to beat.

Guests are over for dinner. What’s on the menu?

I have a great in-house chef (my wife) so it’s her menu not mine – but it’s always great!

Favourite café / restaurant?

Where the waiters are invisible but ever present. You know if you’ve found one the first time you look for help

What’s your go-to interiors blog / website?

Project 82!