new indoor/outdoor rugs by armadillo&co

new indoor/outdoor rugs by armadillo&co

Armadillo&Co have just added 3 rugs to their ever popular Indoor/Outdoor range;

Horizon, Quill and Tide.

The indoor outdoor rugs are designed to withstand nature’s elements - they are sun, rain and wind-resistant. Hand woven with washable, durable recycled fibres, the indoor outdoor rugs are ideal for high-traffic areas and muddy messes. With subtle patterns and neutral colours, they seamlessly complement outdoor living spaces but are also equally beautiful when placed inside.

We love using the indoor/outdoor rugs in the home, because they can actually be hosed down to clean. Isn't that great? No need to worry about professional steam cleaning - simply give it a wash outside and make sure it has a bit of room to dry. Perfect for families with kids, us who are a little clumsy, and if you're a no-fuss kinda person.




Indoor/Outdoor collection brand ambassador Adam Robinson answers two main FAQ's below.


Given you use these rugs in outdoor lounge and dining settings, how easy are they to clean?

One of the huge customer benefits of the Indoor Outdoor Collection is the ability to easily wash down the rugs with a hose. These rugs are low maintenance and are really easy to look after. All you do is get the hose on it and wash it down, roll all the excess water out and then prop something underneath the rug to dry it out.

How well does the durability of the Indoor Outdoor rugs withstand external environmental extremes?

The Australian summer sun and tropical rainfalls can be quite brutal to exterior furniture and fabrics. In rooftop areas like this where you’re completely exposed to all the elements, you need to choose durable products and that’s where the Indoor Outdoor collection works so well because it can withstand the extreme sun and the rain.

See the full indoor/outdoor collection here.